7 Things that Can Increase Your Labor Expenses

concrete_action_1_webThe expenses associated with the majority of residential construction projects are estimated on the basis of the prevailing material costs and the wages every hour for installation, construction or repairing projects. Most of the contractors have fair knowledge of construction rates and can make accurate estimations. However, there are some conditions which are able to affect construction expenses but cannot be controlled by contractors. Before the estimation of labor expenses, you should consider the following conditions which can have an impact on labor costs.
Weather and temperature conditions
Production can be affected according to the condition of the construction site. In case of rough weather, this might change by the hour. In very high or low temperature conditions, construction cannot be done very efficiently. With very expert tradesmen in a location with perfect climatic condition, estimation of labor expenses can become easier. With continuously changing weather, new laborers have to be hired and new materials have to be matched to the ones installed already. Laborers will also be unable to perform at a normal pace. While constructing in temperatures under 40 ° F or higher than 95 ° F, 10 – 15 % labor costs can be added.
Bigger height
For every 10 ft height that a construction material has to be lifted over ground level, 1% costs may be added. The condition of working has a big effect on the labor expenses.
Big disasters
Following a big disaster such as a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, flood or fire, you have to add 25 – 50 % to the total work that is to be done. You will generally have to deal with fewer laborers and have to pay more to get whatever labor can be found in the area.
Tough Conditions
In case of difficulties in the form of an inexperienced architect, a demanding owner, strict inspections or exacting specifications, you have to add 10 – 35 % to your expenses.
Limited Work Spaces
When construction work has to be done in a crawl area or involves scaffolding or ladders, 15 – 20% has to be added to overall costs of labor.
Small tasks
In small construction jobs, it is important to fit and match materials and safeguard adjoining surfaces. The construction site is also occupied while building tasks are being carried out. You have to add 30 – 50 % to these small tasks.
Skill levels of tradesmen
If tradesmen come with sub-par skills, you have to add 5 – 40 % to the total labor expenses.